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Remote Deposit
Remote Deposit is an entirely new way
for your business to deposit any type of check direct from your office without coming to the bank. It saves you both time and money and ensures you get fast availability for your deposits.
Key Features

  • Log on to Town Center Bank On-Line Banking
  • Scan the checks you want to deposit and verify the total
  • Submit checks electronically
  • You may submit checks any time on any day. Deposits made by 5 p.m. on business days have next day availability.
Non-consumer payments are processed via the new Check 21 Act, and consumer payments can be processed as ACH items - all through a single scanner. Remote deposit revolutionizes the rigorous payment processes most businesses encounter, in addition to many other benefits!
  • Reduced trips to the bank! - Allows for electronic processing of ALL checks drawn on US banks.
  • Economical! - Requires only one scanner per office location.
  • Easy to set-up and install! - Web-based access
  • Requires minimal training!
  • Better Availability. Instead of 3 to 5 days waiting for funds to get processed through the banking system (or being delayed at your business because of lack of time to get to the bank).


  • Faster Payment Document Management. Copies of checks in the past needed to be researched by searching through paper files or requested from the Bank. With Remote Deposit check images are available 24/7.
  • Easy Accounts Receivable Reconcilement. Remote Deposit software allows an upload of customer and payment date-no separate keying!

Scan. Transmit. Process.
1.The Consumer presents a completed check to the merchant, who stamps or prints the endorsement stamp on the back of the check authorizing the ACH transaction.
2.The Consumer signs the authorization for conversion and return fee stamped on the back of the check.
3.At the end-of-day, the checks are scanned in the back office via secure web site and processed by high-speed web hosted software through the system. The images of both sides of the source check, including the authorization, are captured at a single point and processed as one of the following transactions PPD for Consumer accounts, CCD for Corporate accounts, Paper Drafts, or Check 21 IRD's for items that cannot clear electronically.
4.The system automatically distinguishes and converts Consumer items, processed as ACH items, from Non-consumer items including corporate checks and payroll checks, which are processed as Check 21 IRDs.
5.The funds are debited from the customers account and available in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.
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